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The principle of the use of the instrument:
Cupping scraping / blackhead one key operation, three gear adjustable, large suction, can meet the different needs of the skin. The vacuum negative pressure method is used to make the black head no residue. The vacuum pressure suction technique is used to reduce the internal pressure of the head, thus effectively sucking out the pores of the pores, such as the black head and the excess oil in the pores.

The function of the use of the instrument:
1. elliptical suction port compact to reduce fine lines
2. large open suction head is cupping scraping effect detoxification and removing dampness.
3. microcrystal suction head, exfoliation. To go to the dead skin, not to hurt the skin.
4. big round hole suction head, easy to suck black head, tie tight
5. with a hot towel for 5 minutes or so, by opening the pores of skin.
6., choose the suitable suction head for your needs, touch the skin slowly from top to bottom, and do not pull the skin hard. Please don't stay for more than 2 seconds (if you stay too long, your skin will appear red and purple).
7. after the end of nursing, wash your face with cold water or apply a cold mask to shrink pores. Then apply the pore fine moisturizing essence. The skin supple and beautiful again!

Type: Blackhead Remover
Material: ABS
Gear: 3 Levels- High, Medium, Low
Power: 5W
Powered By: USB Charge

How to use:
1: Clean your face with facial cleanser.
2: Use a hot steamer or hot towel on your face for 3-5 minutes to open up your pores.
3: Choose a suction nozzle and connect it to the device according to your needs.
4: Hold and move it around your arms to feel the suction power and choose the proper speed.
5: Start use on your face. Please do not stay in one spot. Move the remover around in a direction along the way (do not move back and forth).
6: Moisturize your skin after using the remover. A cold mask is recommended for you to clam and help you face recovery.

Package Included: 
1 x Main Device(blue/red)
5x Suction Head
1 x Bag of Filters + Silica Gel Rings
1 x USB Cable
1 x Instruction

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